Monday, January 28

Don't Judge a book ...

OK, guilty ... guilty ... guilty.

I almost missed a great opportunity this week, here's why.

I saw an ad posted recently for an opportunity that seemed to fit really well with my offerings. I contacted the company, and received a near immediate response from them in a very positive manner. That sent up the first red flag.

I was granted a meeting with the president of the company within about a day. That's like hitting the lottery, it just doesn't happen normally. Now, there were two red flags flapping in the breeze.

I read the company's website, over and over again. I never read so many words and learned so little (except for emails from my ex-wife).  There was great pages of growth, teams, customer service… but nothing about what they did, either product or service. With enough red flags now to mast the Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria, I almost called the meeting off.

Curiosity got the better of me, now I just had to know what the heck this company did, and why they were seemingly growing so fast. I didn't care any more if they fit any revenue for me anymore.

All suited up, ready for my disappointing meeting, I was met by a gentleman in jeans and a nice pullover sweatshirt and sneakers. Casual Friday, I surmised as we headed for his corner office, keeping track of the way to the exit door.

The next 40 minutes I spent hauling down my flags then emptying out all of my head trash about this company.

Follow-up meetings this week. I keep reminding myself that not all great books have pretty covers or coherent websites to promote them. It is what is on the pages that counts.

Monday, January 21

Caught in my own game

I was making a quick trip to drop off a few items in my newly acquired storage unit here in town. I had sold a few other  items in the past few days, and also wanted to stop in and pay for next month a bit early.

The woman who talked with me initially, was very  friendly and saved me a unit and even incorporated a discount when I didn't even ask about it. When I went in to do the paperwork she wasn't there,  but I did stop him about a week ago briefly just to say hi and introduce myself and thank her.

When I went in topay for next month, I was sure she wouldn't remember my name, and I was going to act all disappointed.Within about 15 seconds, she told me the amount due. I was impressed! I thought to myself not only is her systems prowess phenomenal, but she also remembered my name!

I said, Hey, you remembered me! That she confessed. When I punched in my code and drove through the gate it automatically brings up my account and name. So not only was she not truly computer savvy, that I know of, but she admitted she didn't remember my name.

Oh well Heather, I remembered your name, and kudos to a clean efficient use of technology that if they don't confess how it works, makes the customer feel right at home… Except for the no till getting parties at your storage unit rule Peter